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Looking For Heroes
Looking for heroes (2014)The Finnish national epic, Kalevala, features the trials & tribulations of many mythological heroes. I'm searching for these legendary...
Finns and the great crossing
Raiders of the Baltic sea. Le Monde M Magazine, 2015.
Karaoke Nation
Karaokekansa (A Karaoke Nation), is a photographic account of Finnish karaoke. The story is a concise period piece on contemporary Finns in the framework...
Yes, portraits. Actress Alma Pöysti Pink Panther Daniel Quartet World's funniest man, Ismo Leikola Multitalent, Jörn...
Lieksa welcomes you not
A small town in eastern Finland has issues with immigration. One thing is sure: they don't like foreigners but they love to tune their BMW's. A reportage for Image...
Heikki Lampela
Portrait of the very very famous criminal lawyer in Finland. Image Magazine 2015.
In Between
In Between (2014) is an allegory of a man’s longing for childhood and adolescence as he’s nearing middle age. It is about the longing for innocent,...
Snow White
Neo-nazis have a club in Vaasa. They call it "the Club". Image magazine 2013.
Calendar for Helsinki Children's Hospital
I was honored to shoot a fundraiser calendar for the Helsinki Children’s Hospital 2017. The project was driven by a local group of people living in Laajasalo, my...
Golden Boys
I have photographed my two sons wandering around in desolate world. They are dressed in golden outfit for no particular reason. Ongoing...
Oulu Post-Nokia World Disorder
End of an era. Former hi-techcapital of northern Finland is figuring out what to do in post-Nokia world. Image Magazine...
Finland has plenty of Mayors (320). I took a portrait of 20 of them for Noste-Magazine. Here's a few.
Christmas Rules
Finnish christmas catalogue
I'm also a fearless wildlife photographer. Ongoing personal project
Jussi Parviainen
Theatre personality Jussi Parviainen. Image Magazine 2010.
Achtung Baby
A portrait of Germany. Image Magazine 2012.
Rally Finland
Finns heart rally. We call ourselves the fastest nation in the world. Image magazine 2011.
Horses And Men
Pictures of horses And men. Ongoing project.